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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

04-888-2197Prank call

"Keep getting calls throughout the day from this number but they hang up after only 2 or 3 rings."
(2020-11-25 04:15:50)

09-930-3120Unknown call

Bootilus(2020-11-24 22:50:59)

09-621-2047Unknown call

"New World Mt Roskill - not spam."
(2020-11-23 18:19:54)

09-600-5609Unknown call

"Random call. Phone didn't ring and no messages left.
Does not appear to belong to anyone?"
(2020-11-22 16:34:52)

04-589-6393Unknown call

"Repeat calls, no response from caller"
(2020-11-21 02:09:23)


85373991434(2020-11-20 01:33:35)


"2 calls from this number in the last week. Rings a few seconds then hangs up.
Appears to be for SLINGSHOT (mobile/broadband etc)
I have no accounts with slingshot and never had. Suspect it's a Telemarketer calling"
(2020-11-19 17:35:57)

09-630-7648Unknown call

"I received 2 missed calls from this number. I do not recognize this number at all. Could be scammer."
Julie(2020-11-18 16:10:38)

09-261-1082Unknown call

"Claims to be an election “checker” is this correct ? Asking for address information"
A(2020-11-16 14:59:05)

09-801-3308Unknown call

"Got a missed call from this number, no voicemail left. When I tried to call back there was no answer and it went to their voicemail saying they are unavailable, no name or company given."
(2020-11-16 02:56:57)

03-473-6801Unknown call

"Unknown call phoned without leaving message"
Paul(2020-11-15 20:12:14)

09-925-5525Unknown call

"Keep getting phone calls from this number. When I answer the call they hang up. Or leave a message that has nothing. I would like who ever they are to STOP."
(2020-11-13 17:55:58)

04-333-0465Unknown call

"A man with an Indian accent phoned me on my vodaphone mobile saying he was from Vodaphone and I had won 200,000 dollars. He sass this had been shown on TV3 !When I questioned that this was a likely scam, he told me I was wasting his time and said the money would go to someone else. This call was not from Vodaphone"
(2020-11-12 15:35:58)

09-623-3533Unknown call

"Received a call no message left."
(2020-11-12 14:37:00)

04-473-0173Unknown call

"Have received calls from this number but are not able to call back"
Dean(2020-11-11 21:23:25)

04-886-0037Unknown call

"I received x3 calls from this number today, 12/Nov/2020.
It was quite a nuisance, my phone rang for a very long time.
No one left a message.
When I tried to call back, I received a disconnected signal."
Maria(2020-11-11 19:30:04)


Bologtu(2020-11-11 18:45:02)

03-335-3702Unknown call

"Random call, music playing upon call back. suspicious"
(2020-11-09 18:01:23)

03-941-6457Unknown call

"Christchurch City Council"
(2020-11-08 20:49:57)

04-389-0090Unknown call

(2020-11-08 19:47:20)