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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

04-586-0311Unknown call

"unknown call"
(2018-04-16 05:00:57)

04-892-9572Unknown call

"Getting some random calls from Wellington numbers. They hang up when we answer."
(2018-04-16 03:42:44)

09-951-0319Unknown call

"Some barely English speaking Asian dude regarding something financial. I hung up."
(2018-04-15 23:07:04)

03-974-3073Unknown call

"Had 3 missed calls but all only rang once. no msg left. Cant find any details anywhere"
Boo(2018-04-13 22:12:44)

09-978-3568Unknown call

"Red rat clothing"
(2018-04-13 00:25:04)

04-488-7033Unknown call

"I answered but no one was on the other line."
(2018-04-12 21:23:34)

09-271-1084Unknown call

"Repeated calls from this number either early in the morning or late at night. If I answer, get a sorry wrong number response."
(2018-04-12 17:49:14)

09-974-1674Unknown call

"A hang up when answered"
(2018-04-12 00:17:07)

09-971-0657Unknown call

"Received a call, but missed it. No voicemail left."
(2018-04-11 20:36:10)

09-571-5324Unknown call

"unknown caller"
(2018-04-11 00:25:55)


"Spam telemarketing call from HQ Broker"
(2018-04-10 23:18:02)

09-255-0483Unknown call

"Countdown support office"
(2018-04-10 21:11:04)

04-488-7033Unknown call

"Random phone calls from this number - they hang up when I answer - similar to spam calls from Canada and London."
(2018-04-10 00:19:23)

03-544-4027Unknown call

"Nelson Neurophysiology uses this number to make appointments with patients."
(2018-04-09 21:43:58)

09-623-0030Unknown call

"Who did I miss the phone call from?"
(2018-04-08 06:08:46)

09-951-8149Unknown call

"Called my mobile 7:20pm Friday. Silence on answering"
(2018-04-06 03:25:04)

09-928-0670Unknown call

"Why does 09 928 2670 default incorrectly to 09 928 0670?

I believe the number maybe Immigration NZ?"
(2018-04-06 03:20:12)


"They have been leaving numerous messages with a "special offer" atleast 3 times a week for the past month."
(2018-04-04 17:18:35)

03-349-8954Unknown call

"Yep, the old "double glazing: routine"
(2018-04-03 04:37:07)

03-349-0954Unknown call

"The old double glazing enquiry :-/"
(2018-04-03 04:33:51)