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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

09-884-3140Unknown call

"late night phone call??"
(2018-11-19 17:37:55)

09-825-0874Unknown call

"Automated-robotic voice phone message asking to call back this number for urgent business matter."
(2018-11-19 15:38:02)

03-961-3979Unknown call

"Unsolicited call about a product for collection that I know nothing about. The caller identified himself as Jason from Paracorp (?)"
(2018-11-19 15:37:07)

09-964-0705Unknown call

"There was silence initially, then I was asked if they were speaking to Tracey which I said yes, they said that they were calling from something cruises the then line went dead..I tried to call back from old fashioned landline but there was no answer,"
Trace(2018-11-18 20:48:54)

03-369-4259Unknown call

nicole rogers(2018-11-17 23:03:36)

03-978-0604Unknown call

"Dun & Brad street
Debt recovery"
(2018-11-14 22:39:03)

03-978-0605Unknown call

"Dun & Brad street
Debt recovery"
(2018-11-14 22:37:33)

03-978-0603Unknown call

"Dun & Brad street
Debt recovery"
(2018-11-14 22:35:38)

04-886-0449Unknown call

"Got a call form this number. 2nd time in a week. Didn't answer it."
Nikki(2018-11-14 21:02:52)

03-368-2231Unknown call

"Unknown call"
(2018-11-12 22:11:47)

03-547-3209Unknown call

"Computer generated message in foreign voice telling me my internet is being disconnected, Came through a local number."
(2018-11-12 21:09:06)

09-558-2592Unknown call

"Keen to understand location"
(2018-11-11 18:07:12)

09-833-7438Unknown call

"Odd call, a man yelling dad and nan? then hung up"
(2018-11-11 13:23:39)

09-302-3009Unknown call

"Rang for 3 seconds, at 5:59pm, on answering the call er hung up"
Andrew ANSELL(2018-11-07 00:05:29)

04-928-0004Unknown call

"Some spammer"
nick(2018-11-04 18:14:47)

09-575-7760Unknown call

"unknown caller but think this might be nelly schloffel"
shell(2018-11-04 18:12:43)

04-831-0194Unknown call

"got a call"
(2018-11-02 22:21:37)

09-909-0879Unknown call

"Called then hung up."
Rickle Pick(2018-11-01 21:48:10)

09-884-9667Unknown call

"What this number it's a scam, they ring about awareness and want money. Stay away from it. They leave a message if you don't answer but it's computer generated."
(2018-11-01 20:35:54)

09-256-9854Unknown call

"Someone has left the following message on Facebook:
I have received a call from this number ‭09 256 9854‬
The person is posing as Microsoft employee and somehow know your name, he says that your network security is about to renew automatically for next 3 years for USD $1500 and if you want to cancel it then you have to give him remote access to your computer. You can’t do it online or calling contact centre. He was almost threatening to charge my credit card account immediately when I told him that i will call to Microsoft and contact my Bank as well if any unauthorised payment requests made. The person wasn’t happy at all and keep threatening to charge me. I disconnect the call right after that.
My advise keep your cool. Don’t panic""
(2018-10-31 19:49:05)