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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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09-522-0124Unknown call

"A call purporting to be from ANZ, part English part Chinese, saying I had "an important message". Checking my account reveals no incoming messages from ANZ, so am suspicious."
Glynn(2019-10-15 18:31:27)

09-575-0895Unknown call

"scam caller claiming to be spark and there is a problem with your PC"
(2019-10-15 02:10:25)

09-522-3467Unknown call

(2019-10-14 19:42:22)

09-522-3077Unknown call

"I keep getting random calls which when I answer play an asian recorded message that I can't understand. It's disconcerting to say the least as I don't know what is being said, why it is being sent to me and how to stop it from recurring. It comes from various different numbers one of which was the above."
(2019-10-14 19:33:15)

04-889-0131Unknown call

"Rang twice then hung up"
(2019-10-14 17:50:26)

04-909-0157Unknown call

"Random call"
(2019-10-09 20:10:07)

09-522-0637Unknown call

"I have received numerous calls from this number. It is Auto message and the accent is Chinese.
Seems like Spam call."
(2019-10-08 18:44:40)

09-884-0402Unknown call

"Got a dodgy call from this number, asking about a product bought online. Very suspicious. Ended call. Thinking of reporting to police."
(2019-10-08 04:56:55)

09-928-2219Unknown call

"Received a call that I missed, when rung back no answer."
(2019-10-02 19:22:25)

04-566-3598Unknown call

(2019-10-02 18:03:01)

04-566-3658Unknown call

(2019-10-02 18:01:50)

04-831-0730Unknown call

"just wanna know who it is"
(2019-10-02 17:23:02)

03-929-0915Unknown call

"Unsure who is calling"
(2019-10-01 20:34:11)
"The number is a fax number, automatically calling my office extension 09 5381022, which is not a fax number. My office extension is programmed to forward the call to my mobile number, which it obediently does.
Extremely annoying.
Can you stop this? Probably not. I have googled the number to see if it figures on say the DHB or something, but nothing comes back except you guys - which is a start. Please answer me on my mobile, or on this email address."
Janet(2019-10-01 17:52:43)

04-831-0730Unknown call

"I returned a call to this number. A voice mail said nobody could take my call but I could dial 2 or what for someone to answer. Both steps resulted in an invalid number response. They rang at approx 2230"
Stephen Berry(2019-09-30 05:50:07)

09-411-8657Yellow page info

"Public payphone muriwai Beach lower shops"
A(2019-09-29 07:10:33)

09-558-0912Unknown call

(2019-09-27 17:10:32)

09-535-0912Unknown call

"I have this phone call for a long time. The owner of this phone has a history of sexual abuse towards Maths students."
(2019-09-27 00:20:34)

09-967-8647Unknown call

"It says on my phone potential fraud when this number came in so I did not answer it."
Dianne(2019-09-26 19:25:46)

09-279-0321Unknown call

"Had a few missed calls, not sure if it may have been a wrong number or prank call, there was a voicemail recording but just some people laughing and talking (didn't hear actual words but didn't seem english)."
(2019-09-25 17:19:40)