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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

09-0978-812Unknown call

"Repeatedly calling me"
(2017-08-15 00:19:42)

09-8105-591Unknown call

(2017-08-11 05:39:53)

09-7801-145Unknown call

"Scam calls"
(2017-08-09 21:30:35)

09-7349-942Unknown call

"Had a call from this number but they just hung up when I answered."
George(2017-08-07 21:29:40)


"Some domain company claiming I had a .kiwi domain reserved with them.
Told them I didn't and to remove my mobile number from their database.
He was polite and complied with my request"
(2017-08-06 20:05:29)


"It turns out this is someone in Auckland trying to sell me billboard advertising in the town where I live (Bay of Plenty). They would not disclose what company they were from."
(2017-08-02 22:06:40)

09-0056-629Unknown call

"Phone call today unknown number to me"
Helen(2017-08-02 05:08:45)

09-5331-196Unknown call

"Got missed call from this number. I pressed end as I was working & couldn't answer. They did not leave a message. I tried to call them back but it did not ring but instead went to a generic voice message service saying this extension (09) 553 3196 is on the phone please leave a message. I didn't leave a message."
(2017-08-02 00:20:49)

0447-196-98Unknown call

"I don't like phones that call no message"
(2017-08-01 01:40:26)

09-6505-500Unknown call

Roopesh(2017-07-31 22:59:56)

09-6786-600Yellow page info

"Phone call from this number 9.39am on the 31st July and 9.46am 1st August 2017. Each time I answer they hang up"
(2017-07-31 17:54:26)

0497-297-47Unknown call

"Had several calls today from this number and each time they hang up once we answer"
B(2017-07-31 00:24:45)

09-6786-639Unknown call

"Just get calls but hang up to early"
(2017-07-24 22:07:10)

09-0150-015Unknown call

"Scam pop-up telling me my computer is infected. Told to ring this number to get rid of the "virus".
Also told if I dont, my computer will be disabled."
(2017-07-21 23:41:31)

09-1501-119Unknown call

"Calls and hangs up, when call back denies making call"
(2017-07-20 21:45:39)

09-1332-294Unknown call

"Who is this call from - unknown"
(2017-07-20 00:25:28)

09-0114-469Unknown call

"Got an alert message on my laptop browser that was supposedly from Microsoft saying there was a virus stealing all my info and credit card details, that they would freeze my laptop to protect their network if I didn't call this number immediately for further instructions."
(2017-07-19 20:59:15)

09-0104-469Unknown call

"Scratch that last comment, I got the wrong number: 09 8011469"
(2017-07-19 20:56:04)

09-0104-469Unknown call

"Got an internet browser alert supposedly from Microsoft that my computer was infected with a virus and would be locked to protect their network if I closed the alert message or I didn't call this number for further instructions."
(2017-07-19 20:54:41)

09-6294-410Unknown call

"AON Insurance - responding to a query via a broker - it was a legitimate call"
(2017-07-18 23:33:15)