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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

04-889-0860Unknown call

"Received a call but received no response after introducing myself"
JC(2021-11-11 02:19:34)

09-884-3219Unknown call

"This number called my personal mobile number, but when I called back, it just rang once then when straight to a busy dialtone."
(2021-11-11 01:54:52)

09-884-3221Unknown call

"Dodgy af"
(2021-11-10 09:43:49)

04-889-3531Unknown call

"IRD Scam asking for Credit Card number for a supposed refund. They introduce themselves "From IRD", yet real IRD people say "Inland Revenue".
I lead them on a bit to see if I could fool them. Gave them a information that they confirmed that was completely fake and that the real IRD would know. When I called them out when I was asked for my credit card number, I was hung up on."
Jarrod(2021-11-10 01:47:16)

07-828-7390Unknown call

"called daughters mobile 2x , left msg, have no idea who it is"
(2021-11-09 07:57:52)

03-260-7207Unknown call

"Call unidentified. Spam??"
(2021-11-09 07:15:41)

09-884-3220Unknown call

"Probably a telemarketer"
(2021-11-09 04:23:11)

03-341-7907Unknown call

"Call to business landline. No one on the other end. Just beeping as if I'm on hold, every couple of seconds"
(2021-11-09 01:57:39)

09-925-0370Unknown call

"Got three calls one after the other but didn't answer any of them and there was no message left so will not be answering calls from that number. If someone really wants to get hold of you, they will leave a message."
(2021-11-09 00:05:55)

09-820-1629Prank call

"Scammer, recorded message stating charges were added to my visa for gift cards from amazon."
(2021-11-08 20:30:18)

09-886-9944Unknown call

(2021-11-08 04:55:19)

09-888-7878Unknown call

Harry(2021-11-07 21:31:10)

09-869-7360Unknown call

"missed the call on my cell phone tried to call back but didn't ring wouldnt let leave mss and theres no imfo on this, number just seems wierd."
jack(2021-11-07 21:00:33)

09-869-7360Unknown call

"missed a call, won't let me leave a message and won't ring and no imfo on number"
jack(2021-11-07 20:57:46)

06-845-4558Unknown call

(2021-11-06 08:11:23)

09-884-3208Unknown call

"Unwanted call"
(2021-11-05 09:12:11)


"Used for telemarketing scam around online investing."
DU(2021-11-04 23:39:48)


"Google Ads"
(2021-11-03 00:05:24)


"unwanted / possible scam call"
(2021-10-31 21:40:53)

09-638-9909Unknown call

"Call, medical"
Woodall(2021-10-31 01:59:27)