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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

04-886-0193Unknown call

"Got a call, picked up and it hung up."
Angie(2022-01-13 09:35:53)

04-528-1180Unknown call

"Missed call from this number, not in my contacts list and I don’t know who it is from."
(2022-01-13 01:36:29)

09-838-9625Unknown call

"someone is calling from this number mobile phones across our org and it is automated message saying we will disable your device!"
MIKE(2022-01-12 02:44:58)

09-308-3073Unknown call

"Try to contact this company"
Japhta(2022-01-11 23:51:09)

09-259-7199Unknown call

"Called a government organisation and asked what the social security code is. I denied so she said she will call another person to get the number."
(2022-01-11 17:46:58)


"Random call - from database"
(2022-01-10 23:15:03)

09-886-2387Unknown call

"I got a call from this number anyone have any idea who they are?"
(2022-01-10 04:16:11)


"I filled out the contact form on Bay Audiology's website and this is the number they called from"
(2022-01-09 20:21:21)

09-445-0609Unknown call

"Calls me at all sorts of different times with no VMs"
(2022-01-07 05:11:41)

09-817-7859Unknown call

"BNZ Credit card scam"
(2022-01-07 03:11:29)


"Bay Audiology. Guessing it's automatic calling - dunno, can't hear the message as I'm too deaf to use the phone (!). Have emailed and asked them to stop calling, but this is the 4th time."
(2022-01-05 00:14:15)

09-952-8851Unknown call

"unknown caller"
IaMreaL(2022-01-04 02:05:48)

09-941-2407Unknown call

"I keep getting calls from this number but they never leave a voice message so I don’t know who it is"
(2021-12-31 02:36:50)

04-889-4505Unknown call

"Automated telemarketing message for Tangiers Casino!"
CaroB(2021-12-29 13:08:07)

09-844-3270Unknown call

"I’ve had calls from this number as well as 09 844 3264, 09 844 3267 and 09 844 3258. I answered the first call and the caller hung up - the next three calls (over about 5 hours) left no message."
(2021-12-28 07:15:03)

03-371-6970Unknown call

"Noel Lemming"
(2021-12-28 00:01:52)

09-222-4947Unknown call

"Keeps calling , message left but silent"
(2021-12-23 00:37:33)

09-525-8596Unknown call

"Calls most days - no message and if answered does not speak. Suggest blocking"
(2021-12-20 20:43:02)


"Spammy call centre type call. Answered phone, waited and waited to be connected with someone, heard call centre noise in background, then person with English as second language came on and started talking. hung up and blocked."
(2021-12-20 02:45:11)

09-975-1920Event reminder

"Seem like this number is legitimately a DHL NZ number. They called me and quoted my tracking number, which I checked and was correct. They were following up on a package delivery - no scam, no request for information, all OK."
Bill(2021-12-20 02:39:33)