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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

09-477-0296Unknown call

"Someone keeps calling me from this phone number 09 477 0296 and not leaving a message."
(2019-03-10 21:46:14)

09-477-0296Unknown call

"Someone keeps calling me from this phone number 09 477 0296 and not leaving a message."
(2019-03-10 20:16:33)

04-465-0091Unknown call

"Got a call but did not pick up"
(2019-03-10 03:54:36)

07-959-0164Unknown call

"Auckland council rates"
nah(2019-03-07 22:46:07)

09-379-0244Unknown call

"Unwanted call 2.15pm 07/03"
(2019-03-06 20:15:29)

09-815-1569Unknown call

"I got a call from this number"
(2019-03-05 05:14:00)

09-281-0485Unknown call

passe(2019-03-04 19:04:51)


"Nova Energy trying to convince consumers to switch power company."
(2019-03-03 19:43:20)

09-415-5780Unknown call

"Who owns this number"
Tani(2019-03-01 15:19:08)

04-886-0402Unknown call

"Call received but I didn't know it and didn't answer"
Elizabeth(2019-02-28 22:52:31)

09-367-4765Unknown call

"Didn't answer"
(2019-02-28 22:38:31)

09-889-0563Prank call

"Spam calls"
Em(2019-02-28 03:50:45)

09-930-7898Unknown call

"Ive had multiple missed calls over the last few weeks, Ive also answered a couple but they hang up as soon as I answer. Ive tried calling back but no answer or message system ."
NZ5014(2019-02-27 22:27:20)

03-974-0623Unknown call

"unsure who rang me ."
Yvonne D(2019-02-27 18:12:19)

09-281-0648Unknown call

"They rung and I didn't answer as I didn't recognise the number, I googled it but this is the only info I found so it can't be a business, I had the same experience as the commenter from the 30-1-2019 I also had a missed call from 04 280 0351 the night before so I would be very wary of these numbers, I will be blacklisting them."
(2019-02-27 00:49:02)

09-550-8555Unknown call

"Spam "missed phone call" text from this number."
(2019-02-26 16:35:09)

09-974-0378Unknown call

"Person called Liam left voicemail asking to call back and never picks up."
(2019-02-25 22:22:12)

09-952-8400Unknown call

(2019-02-25 19:52:38)

04-889-2426Unknown call

"Scammer call, automated message purporting to be IRD, something about lawsuits and an arrest. Tried to get me to call back. I promptly hung-up."
Jeremy(2019-02-24 20:56:46)

03-960-0893Prank call

"Brode Williams called my wife from this number to abuse her."
Abe Coulter(2019-02-24 20:23:56)