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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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04-889-3684Unknown call

"SCAM ALERT !!!! BE AWARE !!!!!!!
Got a call saying that they are from 2 degrees and I have won money . Not an English accent but definitely south Asian . Knew it is one of the scammers and told them that they can go f themselves. Then the man started making noises like “ooooooooo” and disconnected the line. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE YOUR PERSONAL OR BANK DETAILS TO ANYONE when you get a call , text message or an email. ALWAYS CALL YOUR CONNECTION PROVIDER OR THE BANK FOR VERIFICATION. USUALLY YOU WONT WIN ANY MONEY FROM YOUR SERVICE PROVIDERS. BE AWARE !"
AgainstCyberScammers(2022-06-17 23:40:02)

04-889-3700Unknown call

"Called me but did not respond when I answered. Just hung up."
(2022-06-17 06:11:32)

09-523-5685Unknown call

"It is a caller re Blood Donation. They call frequently & NEVER leave a message!"
(2022-06-16 22:14:08)


"I think that this was a spam call."
(2022-06-16 01:43:44)

09-445-1316Unknown call

"Random Call no one on other side and will wait various times if you call back before it hangs up."
Rick(2022-06-13 05:08:48)

04-488-7300Unknown call

"Ird scam"
(2022-06-12 23:55:12)

04-831-9288Unknown call

"Came up with the name "Aoex Security Services" on True Caller. Call lasted 4 rings - not enough time to answer the call if my phone wasn't in my hand, but because Aoex looked odd, I didn't do so. Seems very much like a spam call as a result."
Calum(2022-06-10 01:32:25)

04-488-0433Unknown call

"Unsolicited call trying to sell investments"
(2022-06-09 23:13:02)

09-282-2615Unknown call

"Said they were Greenpeace"
(2022-06-09 04:18:20)

09-886-4502Unknown call

"Rang for 16 seconds no message left. Number not known to me, suspect scam caller."
Suzanne(2022-06-07 00:21:57)

03-613-0306Unknown call

"Received call said they were from Spark and something to do with my internet. I said my internet was fine and said have a great day and ended call."
(2022-06-02 23:11:21)

09-977-0117Unknown call

"NZ Post Finance Team (Accounts Payable/Receivable). Can also be reached on 0800 269-224 if you want to avoid a toll call."
(2022-06-02 02:56:13)

09-884-4112Unknown call

"Received a couple of calls to my mobile from this number. It rings for 20 seconds .They never leave a message and you cannot return a call."
(2022-05-30 06:23:47)

09-884-5022Unknown call

"leaves no voicemail, marketing spam"
(2022-05-29 09:27:24)


"leaves no voicemail, marketing spam"
(2022-05-29 09:26:48)


"leaves no voicemail, marketing spam"
(2022-05-29 09:25:47)


"leaves no voicemail, marketing spam"
(2022-05-29 09:24:23)


"leaves no voicemail, marketing spam"
(2022-05-29 09:23:57)


"leaves no voicemail, marketing spam"
(2022-05-29 09:23:19)


"leaves no voicemail, marketing spam"
(2022-05-29 09:22:38)