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0488-701-42Unknown call

"This number is being posted on a web page related to an INTERNET SCAM web page popup. It's called The page advises that your computer has been affected by a malicious pornographic spyware/riskware and if you close the page your computer access will be disabled. It then goes on to say that Financial data, Facebook logins, credit card details, email logins, and photos are being stolen. Call within the next 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled or from any information loss."
(2017-04-02 18:16:11)

09-8607-795Unknown call

"Robot dialer being used 6-7 times in two days,best way to tell is answer and keep quiet as if there is not sound the robot hangs up."
Tim(2017-03-31 21:25:46)

0448-872-38Unknown call

"Persistent unknown caller"
red(2017-03-29 01:29:36)

07-7654-492Unknown call

(2017-03-25 17:26:52)

0488-791-42Unknown call

"An Ad popped up saying to call them. so I did for fun and told me to pay them. These guys are scammers. Be careful"
(2017-03-25 05:50:10)


"my friends laptop has been virus and this number appeared as a service operator and when asked where is his location he said USA?"
(2017-03-25 05:20:02)

09-2549-900Unknown call

"Have been getting a call from this number for the last few days roughly around the same time each day, 11.30am. Am in Australia at moment so not answering calls on my cell phone. No messages are left. I am suspicious that if I call them back I may end up with a large phone bill so will not be calling them or answering their call when I return to NZ. I presume I am not alone in receiving these calls."
Ann V.(2017-03-22 02:30:23)

09-0113-372Prank call

"Scam Microsoft pop up."
(2017-03-21 07:14:18)

09-8890-037Unknown call

"This came up as a computer pop up scam attempting to solicit paid antivirus remote help"
b(2017-03-21 02:49:17)

09-8637-769Unknown call

(2017-03-20 22:15:47)

0483-029-38Prank call

(2017-03-20 00:42:27)

09-0103-372Prank call

"Fake computer technician - scam"
(2017-03-16 20:55:42)

09-0051-108Unknown call

"This number continues to call my phone"
(2017-03-16 19:55:26)

09-8890-002Unknown call

"Was a computer popup. Seems to connect to an overseas number. Smells like a scam"
(2017-03-15 18:13:33)

09-8800-002Unknown call

"Computer scam phone number. Seems to connect to an overseas centre"
(2017-03-15 18:11:03)

09-8800-002Unknown call

"PC Support Scam number.
I was not called by this number - I called this number on 11 March 2017 because I received a popup on my PC saying this:

Error # 268D3
Please call us immediately at: 09-888-9002
Do not ignore this critical alert.
If you close this page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network.
Your computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a virus and spyware. The following information is being stolen...
> Facebook Login
> Credit Card Details
> Email Account Login
> Photos stored on this computer
You must contact us immediately so that our engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone. Please call us within the next 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled.
Toll Free: 09-888-9002"

Firstly, that's not a "Toll Free" number.
If you Google for "Error # 268D3" you can read all about this scam. When I dialed it the person (who sounded and admitted to being Indian) said they were in Washington working for "ITN (Information Technology Network) Private Ltd", but Vodafone told me the number terminates in Thailand.

Do NOT allow these people to connect to your computer (i.e. remote controlling it) even if they say they won't charge for anything (as happened in this case), because that's when they can really load some malicious software (key loggers, etc) onto your PC, and you may not even see it happening."
Terry(2017-03-12 18:45:12)


"Rude telemarketers. Wont stop calling no matter how many times I ask them to stop. 9 calls so far."
John(2017-03-08 03:07:39)

09-7717-700Unknown call

"I got a phone call from this no and after returning the call after 2 rings it gives some different sound"
Shubhada(2017-03-07 16:50:33)

09-0103-378Unknown call

"Caller requesting money - not sure what details were provided but receiver transferred money to the caller through Western Union believing they would help her sort out a financial matter. Eftpos transaction occurred - twice."
PR(2017-03-05 00:44:17)

09-8772-280Unknown call

"The owner of this number is hacking computers."
Dwayne(2017-03-04 04:56:43)