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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

07-959-4518Prank call

"This was a hoax call from "Spark". It was a prerecorded European female voice."
Peter(2019-07-19 04:02:56)

09-213-6551Unknown call

"unknown caller"
(2019-07-19 00:28:00)


(2019-07-18 18:07:16)

07-846-8763Unknown call

"Called me and hung up, redialing them hangs on ring"
(2019-07-17 00:39:26)

04-494-9279Unknown call

"unknown call"
Adam(2019-07-16 20:39:44)

09-320-5215Unknown call

"call and no one spoke"
cays(2019-07-15 21:56:13)

03-548-0808Unknown call

"Getting calls every 5 minutes. Each time it just beeps"
(2019-07-11 23:21:20)

04-830-2936Unknown call

"A call and missed it"
Rochelle Derrick(2019-07-11 23:12:42)

09-973-4063Unknown call

"Automated message in Chinese. Unknown what the message was"
(2019-07-10 23:20:48)

09-265-6179Unknown call

"Kept ringing to say we had an unpaid waste management invoice that needed to be paid immediately."
(2019-07-08 21:34:34)

03-338-0991Unknown call

"You answer but there is no one there and a beeping noise in the back ground."
(2019-07-08 19:43:51)

03-339-0650Unknown call

"You answer but there is no one there and a beeping noise in the back ground."
(2019-07-08 19:41:24)

03-940-8060Unknown call

"Just popped up on my phone earlier today-have no idea who called. I don't know anyone in Invercargill."
J.M(2019-07-07 00:30:11)

04-462-0769Unknown call

"They rang twice but when I rang back just got a funny beeping tone"
Allyn(2019-07-04 22:40:06)

09-442-0778Unknown call

"Automated voice claiming to be TELECOM and apparently my broadband has been compromised. WARNING!!!! SCAMERS!!!!"
Peter(2019-07-04 21:18:44)

07-843-7132Unknown call

"Thiss number called our home phone and is a voice activated message telling you that your internet will be turned off in 24 hours and to push 1."
Jenelle Green(2019-07-02 21:39:39)

09-942-5063Unknown call

"Milton & Graham formally Dun & Bradstreet who are a debt collection agency."
(2019-07-02 20:37:47)

09-583-2840Unknown call

"Spammer? Answered the call and the line was dead"
(2019-07-01 19:48:06)

03-487-9453Unknown call

"I got a random call at 9:05 am."
Chicken man(2019-06-29 17:11:36)

09-966-0863Unknown call

"I got a missed call on 21 June from this number on my mobile and when I texted back, I got no response. On 27 June, I got a similar call which I missed. A text in response again resulted in no answer. It must be a telemarketer."
Nick-NZ(2019-06-26 20:57:05)