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Recent comments:

09-801-1609Unknown call

"This number keeps calling me, but hangs up before I can answer."
Tracey(2021-04-14 23:50:58)

04-569-0632Unknown call

"Got a call from this number this morning 15/4/21.
It initially said it was from Hamilton, Taranaki. I did not answer and let it go to voicemail - no message left. When I checked the number after, it came up as this Wellington number."
Mark(2021-04-14 18:10:47)

09-974-4346Unknown call

"Called me at 8pm on a Wednesday.
Didn't answer obviously."
8pmwhy(2021-04-14 04:11:59)

04-889-2642Unknown call

"IRD Scam phone number, don't give them any information."
(2021-04-14 00:39:48)

04-889-2312Prank call

"I believe this to be a scam caller. Claimed they were from IRD."
(2021-04-13 18:00:03)


"Have had some calls from a lady asking for money donations for children to go on camps ( one this weekend) and is very polite and asks if she can ring again n a month or two, after having said no to a donation."
CS(2021-04-13 05:55:39)

09-886-6467Prank call

"Rang, knew my name, wouldn’t get to the point , line failed"
(2021-04-13 03:55:28)

09-802-0206Unknown call

"Second time this number has called me. I phoned it back but blocked them from seeing my number and it went to an automated machine saying 'you've reached risk, this is an automated message, we tried to phone you and will try again in due course" and disconnects you. When I phoned back it kept ringing (instead of going to the automated machine) so I hung and the number nearly instantly phoned me back , TWICE. I didn't answer either"
(2021-04-12 21:53:58)


"Automated telemarketing message"
(2021-04-12 21:31:42)

09-280-3582Unknown call

"Missed call"
(2021-04-11 20:09:34)

09-886-6903Unknown call

(2021-04-10 00:38:36)

09-887-9421Unknown call

"Robert (not his real name surely, with that accent) from IDrive Restoration? Bad line, tried me a couple of times. Likely a scam call."
(2021-04-08 21:08:54)

09-553-3690Unknown call

"phone rang and person hung up 09/04"
N/A(2021-04-08 14:52:23)

04-830-7867Unknown call

"I missed a call from 04-830-7867 so wanted to check it out as they did not leave a message"
Ann-Maree(2021-04-07 18:20:05)

09-555-8444Unknown call

(2021-04-07 02:13:49)

09-251-3244Unknown call

"Called but did not leave a message. Could be a spam or anything to be honest."
G(2021-04-07 00:36:24)

09-583-2172Unknown call

"This came up as an unknown number and I can not get any information on who this number belongs to"
(2021-04-06 20:34:15)

09-883-0151Unknown call

"received call"
Jel(2021-04-06 20:06:04)

09-301-4036Unknown call

"Potentially ASB?"
(2021-04-06 18:40:02)


"Just got asked about insurance, caller reluctant to give details"
C(2021-04-06 00:18:08)