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Recent comments:

09-405-0566Unknown call

"someone keeps phoning me from this number, never leaving a message"
steve(2021-06-19 03:38:34)

09-889-9869Unknown call

"Missed the call. Tried to phone back. Got message saying phone number is not currently allocated."
(2021-06-18 03:36:36)

04-333-1853Unknown call

"Just called and beginning to say about 2 degrees and I hang up as its suspicious."
(2021-06-17 22:09:51)

09-888-4353Unknown call

"Missed a call from this number, attempted to redial and "this number is not currently active", so was presumably spoofed."
CH(2021-06-17 00:17:53)

09-886-9991Unknown call

"Seem to be getting a lot of calls from a "Steve" in west Auckland from these numbers"
(2021-06-16 07:19:52)

09-280-3582Unknown call

"Call received 16/06/21 at 2.40 pm. It rang only 3 times & terminated. The first time I have received a call from this number."
Ged(2021-06-16 04:05:42)

09-980-0220Unknown call

"Advised they were calling from Colmar Brunton about surveys and questionnaires to do with Health and Safety and wanting to be put through to someone in charge of that. A quick Google search shows Colmar Brunton are in Auckland and Wellington, the above information advises location of the number is Whangarei. I told them to delete my number."
(2021-06-15 22:10:18)

04-888-1354Unknown call

"Spam call asking me to speak to an operator otherwise my payment of $299.99 would go through."
(2021-06-15 05:58:55)

09-442-7331Unknown call

"Strange telemarketing call. Caller did not make themselves clearly known or from where. Did not specify how they got my number either."
(2021-06-15 03:31:58)

03-260-2493Unknown call

"unknown caller"
(2021-06-15 02:14:23)

09-892-5393Unknown call

"Call and cant call back"
LAKA(2021-06-15 01:15:06)

09-525-4291Unknown call

"I have received this landline call at luch time today. the guy spoke Mandarin and said he is from China Consulate in Auckland. He told me that there is a mail from Shanghai balabala....I asked his full name and google the contact details on the website of China Consulate in Auckland. the phone number is not match with online information. I think it is a scam phone number."
(2021-06-15 00:57:05)

09-557-7095Unknown call

"was a hoax call claiming law infringement. Got put on hold. Call then seemed to be transferred to a business and the receiver hung up after I asked what was going on."
(2021-06-14 23:24:10)

09-905-1692Unknown call

"Phone rang once, then they hung up. Seems dodgy"
Niko(2021-06-14 00:08:15)

09-442-7324Unknown call

"I received the call on 6 June 2021, at 12:59 pm NZST, I said a couple of hellos, the call only lasted a minute, at the end, the Dailer of the call hang up...."
banner(2021-06-13 23:51:20)

09-442-7324Unknown call

"Received a phone call on 10 June 2021 at 12:59pm NZST, pick up for a minute, I said hello a couple of times time, at the end the Dailer hang up the call"
banner(2021-06-13 23:44:40)

09-525-4754Unknown call

(2021-06-12 21:43:13)

09-941-2197Unknown call

"Also similar numbers keep calling??"
(2021-06-12 09:10:12)


"Rang me saying they were from 2 degrees qnd told me i had won an annual give away of $200,000. I have a 2 degrees phone number but i changed to spark years ago and just kept my number. The bloke was Indian, after i confronted the dog he hung up, what a pussy."
Sean(2021-06-11 22:32:11)

04-806-3545Unknown call

"Phoned cellphone dodnt say anything but could hear movement"
(2021-06-11 02:25:07)