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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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"Potential spam caller - I missed a call from this number & am commonly targeted by telemarketers"
(2017-10-18 23:02:03)

0488-795-07Unknown call

"rung up an abused me ova the phone for no reason. something about a restaurant"
jimmy(2017-10-18 22:14:40)

09-0101-178Unknown call

"Call from this number 18 Oct 2017. They asked for me by name. I didn't confirm who I was but asked who they were. Said they were a senior manager for some business I didn't quite catch. Sounded like a digitalised asian/indian accent. At that point I said no thanks and hung up. Definite scam attempt."
M(2017-10-17 22:17:53)

09-0981-124Unknown call

"Rodney Wayne Albany"
P34(2017-10-17 20:53:53)

0488-908-94Unknown call

"Spam: telesale"
(2017-10-16 22:52:42)

09-6897-757Unknown call

(2017-10-16 22:48:57)

06-5009-963Unknown call

"This is the NZ Blood phone number in Palmerston North"
Blood Donator(2017-10-15 22:32:44)

09-7404-458Unknown call

"dont know who and why i am getting a call from what seems to be a football club as i have received two calls from this number 09-5740458 and 09-5740478 and both are from same place. I am not in any way related to anyone or am not involved in football of any kind. will be thinking some kind of scam or wrong number but two calls from different numbers for same place on two different days is really strange."
shakira(2017-10-13 20:55:43)

09-0804-435Unknown call

"carina Streat"
chris(2017-10-13 15:20:03)

09-0101-176Unknown call

"Guy Claiming he was from FTO Capital Online Trading"
(2017-10-12 23:36:28)

03-7907-703Unknown call

"no information"
(2017-10-11 17:03:12)

03-4028-886Unknown call

"Received a call on my mobile from this number and she said it was not selling but wanted to send me something. She knew my first name."
(2017-10-10 03:06:39)

0488-794-80Unknown call

"Missed call. Know no one in Wellington"
(2017-10-04 04:34:21)

09-8801-184Unknown call

"No message left, unknown caller, wholesale phone network provider"
(2017-10-03 06:04:47)

09-8646-677Unknown call

"Unsolicited marketing/survey calls"
Steve(2017-10-02 23:51:12)

09-0101-178Unknown call

"Keeps calling for 2 rings then hanging up"
inno(2017-10-02 02:46:25)

09-0151-178Unknown call

(2017-10-02 00:31:56)

03-3532-242Unknown call

(2017-10-01 06:20:22)

03-8219-952Unknown call

"Pathway Charitable Group - charity working with people in need in Christchurch
Also have two social enterprises, Alloyfold furniture and Oaktree Devanning under their umbrella"
(2017-09-25 22:38:42)

03-4190-047Unknown call

"This could be Waste Management"
(2017-09-25 22:37:32)