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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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89212159829(2022-11-14 20:52:20)

09-974-1604Unknown call

"Call three times and hang up each time."
(2022-11-08 06:51:25)

09-265-6136Unknown call

"Unknown but It's showing spam on my phone"
Ian(2022-10-27 23:20:57)

09-801-3947Unknown call

"Likely a scam number. Missed a call from them with a short ring. When called back message played "this person cannot be reached at this time" So i have since blocked the number in my phone."
Jasmine(2022-10-26 03:39:28)

09-801-3911Unknown call

"I have a missed call from this number but I don’t know how was he or she?
Please give me some information about the number"
SAYED AMIRI(2022-10-25 07:47:44)

09-200-4890Unknown call

"unknown, did not leave message"
(2022-10-25 01:40:24)

09-801-3947Unknown call

"Comes up as Auk on Truecaller. Scam caller. Rings at various times of the day"
Calum(2022-10-24 01:34:02)

09-884-0581Unknown call

"Highly possible linked to spam. Or hacking. Something to do with some scam. fillapina something a rather.
BTW my name isn't Thadeous. Nor am I a dude ."
(2022-10-17 09:22:03)

04-333-1748Unknown call

"two calls, hung up before I got to my mobile."
(2022-10-14 03:58:43)

03-288-9284Unknown call

"I didn't answer any of the numbers which started with 03 288 xxxx
There were 13 of these calls and because scammers try to hook you in I was concerned by the fact that they didn't leave a message as most do if it's important or relevant."
Christine(2022-10-13 23:48:40)

09-871-2084Unknown call

"Repeated caller - Asian woman - has my number and a name I use. From Real Analysts claiming to be."
Terry(2022-10-13 05:59:55)

04-830-8630Unknown call

"Kept getting calls from this number. Googled the phone number and Cigna came up. I didn't answer any of the calls in case of a scam and immediately blocked the number."
(2022-10-10 10:53:47)

09-281-6209Unknown call

"called me. left no message - suspicious"
(2022-10-05 06:40:54)

09-884-9166Unknown call

"Rings once, then hangs up before you can answer. Called every day for the last 3 days."
E(2022-10-04 00:23:03)

09-909-7818Unknown call

"i got a call from 09 909 7818 and no voice on other end"
Tyler(2022-09-30 09:16:04)

09-984-9809Unknown call

"I been getting a call from 09 984 9809 and no voice on other end"
Tyler(2022-09-30 09:14:19)

09-871-1186Unknown call

"spam caller"
(2022-09-30 08:01:13)

09-871-1175Unknown call

"Spam caller"
(2022-09-30 08:00:38)

04-555-1560Unknown call

"unknown number"
(2022-09-27 07:25:39)

03-369-3353Unknown call

(2022-09-20 21:16:39)