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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

09-832-4406Unknown call

"Received a missed phone call on 14/1/2019, called back but didn't understand what the call was for and from whom"
(2019-01-15 14:42:05)

03-353-0233Unknown call

"Please remove the previous electrician comment. It was meant for 353 7233."
(2019-01-14 17:25:27)

03-353-7233Unknown call

"electrician company
(2019-01-14 17:24:40)

03-353-0233Unknown call

"electrician company
(2019-01-14 17:23:54)

09-273-0210Prank call

"Scam calls"
(2019-01-13 19:10:45)

09-257-0577Unknown call

(2019-01-13 18:21:26)

09-801-0264Unknown call

"Got a call,no answer, every night,????"
Jimmy(2019-01-11 03:03:25)

03-325-9833Unknown call

"Claimed to be from Spark, checking out internet speed and asking questions about the status of the router and number of attached devices.
We are not a Spark customer.
Foreign accent and a lot of background noise, when I was able to provide a lot of (non sensitive) information about our network the caller lapsed into talking a foreign language to someone in the background and eventually hung up."
GARTH(2019-01-10 16:53:35)

03-489-3414Unknown call

(2019-01-09 02:01:08)

09-952-2272Unknown call

"Received a call from 09 952 2272. Response was "sorry I've got the wrong number" when I answered with my christian name only. Then the caller (female) ended the call. Who is this person calling?"
(2019-01-07 16:29:52)

03-312-0634Unknown call

"Need to find who this was"
(2019-01-04 04:35:40)

09-536-6391Unknown call

"Is a sexual predator by the name of greg tomas. He lures women under a false identity and intentionally infects them with gential herpes. He has raped at least 1 woman. He has been intentionally infecting women for 30 years"
(2019-01-01 20:46:33)

09-985-0000Unknown call

"Missed call, when I rang back not an active number"
(2018-12-27 16:20:09)


(2018-12-22 16:06:20)

09-971-0625Unknown call

"Persistent Indian scammers for crypto currencies. Thick Indian accents. Made the mistake of answering the call once and am now living with a daily barrage of calls. If you block the number they will just ring you back on another extension with the last few numbers changed."
Paul(2018-12-19 15:18:19)

09-967-8647Unknown call

"Frequent phone call from this number - no one answers when you pickup"
(2018-12-18 17:58:28)

09-950-0286Unknown call

(2018-12-17 07:12:21)

09-356-0954Unknown call

"i got a call from an indian scammer trying to sign me up to their bitcoin software from this number, be wary their number changes on every call"
(2018-12-14 16:09:41)

07-846-0865Unknown call

"Called and then hung up straight away"
(2018-12-12 21:31:50)

09-259-0356Unknown call

"No comment"
(2018-12-10 15:48:51)