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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

09-576-0228Unknown call

"Received a call 5:56 am sat morning. Did not answer"
(2018-09-28 19:17:32)

09-622-3060Unknown call

"Unknown call x 4, leaving no messages"
(2018-09-26 18:52:08)

09-887-0776Unknown call

"Rung this number back and all it does is playing music.prior to this call had a call from 048879529 and there was no one on the line."
Flinty(2018-09-26 05:30:37)

09-407-0808Unknown call

"BNZ Bank"
JACB(2018-09-24 17:48:19)

03-211-0770Unknown call

(2018-09-23 23:37:26)

03-455-0011Unknown call

"Missed a call From this number"
(2018-09-22 20:24:36)

09-828-2492Unknown call

"whos number"
noo(2018-09-21 03:30:39)

03-349-2228Unknown call

(2018-09-20 22:35:32)

09-884-0267Unknown call

"is it telemarketer? spam?"
(2018-09-20 22:33:01)

04-892-0097Unknown call

"Had a phone call"
(2018-09-20 18:42:47)

09-630-0279Unknown call

"call pretending to be spark about a problem with internet"
(2018-09-18 19:38:46)

09-929-1096Unknown call

"Just static on the line , background noice with sounds of call centre, caller hang up after 20 sec"
John(2018-09-17 23:36:59)

07-959-1163Unknown call

"Two missed calls within an hour and no messages left. Don't know anyone in Hamilton - looked up and found these other comments so won't answer it."
(2018-09-17 18:49:22)

07-838-9392Unknown call

"Recent chorus update left the wifi out of mr Lawson,s cordless What has he got to do to get his phone working?"
Neighbour(2018-09-16 19:25:23)

09-941-0470Unknown call

"Good to see other people reporting this number. They’ve called me but never said anything and hang up before I’ve had a chance to change from Bluetooth speaker to regular phone"
(2018-09-14 01:56:11)

03-926-0031Prank call

"Received a call from this number. Didn’t answer it because I don’t answer calls from Christchurch. That’s what it came up as on my iPhone. I don’t know anyone down there so no reason to answer."
M(2018-09-13 22:36:55)

09-666-0116Unknown call

"This number rang me a few times but when i speak there is nobody at other end"
(2018-09-13 18:58:41)

07-826-0048Yellow page info

"This is SHCF in Te Kauwhata"
(2018-09-13 18:32:50)

07-826-0592Yellow page info

"This is SHCF in Te Kauwhata"
(2018-09-13 18:32:24)

09-884-0278Unknown call

"unknown caller"
curio(2018-09-13 00:06:59)