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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

06-838-8348Unknown call

"Just a missed call"
Jo(2019-08-13 20:27:45)

04-889-3553Unknown call

"Some scammer on this number. He says he is from IRD and he wants to process a refund to you. The refund can only be done thru credit card. hahaaaaaa"
vic(2019-08-12 19:59:00)

03-211-6650Unknown call

"fake call from this phone number"
Bronwyn(2019-08-12 00:52:31)

03-357-4119Prank call

"I keep getting calls from this number, when I answer they put down or there is a siren noise."
(2019-08-11 00:56:32)


"NZ Cancer Society looking for money"
(2019-08-06 19:39:26)

09-574-0458Unknown call

"Unknown call. Returned call and it went to voicemail which was a person named Anna but did not mention any company."
(2019-08-05 21:00:19)

09-475-0301Unknown call

"Has been calling my wife every day. Its now harassment."
Mikeynez(2019-08-04 21:44:43)

07-959-5987Unknown call

"Sounds like an automated call claiming to be Spark about to cut off landline and Internet"
(2019-07-31 19:05:53)

09-448-6311Unknown call

"why and who and where is this person calling me from"
ca(2019-07-31 17:45:48)

03-466-0999Unknown call

"Unkown number, have called me twice, no message."
(2019-07-29 23:40:18)

03-474-0517Prank call

"Just had a call from this number, a voice message scammer saying they were from Spark!
This number is an actual business number in Otago, Knox Rehab Clinic.
So, not sure how the spammers are using this number!!!"
(2019-07-23 18:44:01)

03-964-0580Prank call

"Received a call from this number yesterday, spammers trying to say they are from Spark!"
(2019-07-23 18:41:38)

03-964-0580Prank call

"Received a call from this number yesterday, spammers trying to say they are from Spark!"
(2019-07-23 18:39:08)

09-813-0731Unknown call

"person called but did not speak, ????"
Allan(2019-07-21 18:35:10)

07-959-4518Prank call

"This was a hoax call from "Spark". It was a prerecorded European female voice."
Peter(2019-07-19 04:02:56)

09-213-6551Unknown call

"unknown caller"
(2019-07-19 00:28:00)


(2019-07-18 18:07:16)

07-846-8763Unknown call

"Called me and hung up, redialing them hangs on ring"
(2019-07-17 00:39:26)

04-494-9279Unknown call

"unknown call"
Adam(2019-07-16 20:39:44)

09-320-5215Unknown call

"call and no one spoke"
cays(2019-07-15 21:56:13)