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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

09-352-7869Unknown call

"Tower / Vero insurance. Business call. (not marketing) ."
Steve-o(2021-09-22 08:56:25)

09-884-9721Unknown call

"These people are scammers. I tried to rip you off."
White bird(2021-09-22 05:54:00)

09-414-5828Unknown call

"Unknown caller with this number early yesterday evening. No message.
Found this site and thank you, you have confirmed my belief that it was a telemarketer.
Great site!"
Roger H(2021-09-21 23:53:33)

09-930-3461Unknown call

Jack(2021-09-21 07:04:17)

09-870-4213Prank call

"SCAMMER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

(2021-09-21 05:47:00)

06-872-9945Unknown call

"ok just ordinary call"
(2021-09-21 05:43:12)


"spam call, requests credit card info for supposed 'tax refund'"
(2021-09-21 03:45:42)

09-525-5298Unknown call

"repeated calls rung then hang up"
(2021-09-20 07:18:03)

04-934-7139Unknown call

"Don’t know who this is but I said hello and they just hung up"
Erykah(2021-09-19 04:59:40)

09-358-6244Unknown call

"Who called me ?"
Jeremy Sutton(2021-09-18 01:43:02)

09-884-6412Unknown call

"Unwanted call"
(2021-09-17 08:32:33)

04-889-0878Unknown call

"Just called me and as soon as I answered they hung up"
(2021-09-17 06:42:42)

03-365-7766Unknown call

"Phone call as soon as I answered they hung up"
(2021-09-17 05:09:33)

07-579-8615Unknown call

"Yes but unsure if spam as it has come up with a landline, just trying to figure out who called me without actually having to call them back."
(2021-09-17 03:17:37)


"Indian Spammer / Scammer purportedly calling from this number - FOREX / Online Trading Opportunities"
Ray G(2021-09-16 10:35:53)

09-930-3287Unknown call

"Received call. Didn't answer. Said it came from great barrier island."
(2021-09-16 09:33:13)

04-589-2846Unknown call

James(2021-09-16 08:58:59)

04-488-1210Unknown call

"Ran then hung up as soon as I picked up"
(2021-09-16 06:49:18)

09-802-5351Unknown call

"Spam called multiple times"
(2021-09-16 03:34:18)

09-983-0799Unknown call

"Two calls in three days to mobile, hanging up when I answered. I have now blocked the number"
(2021-09-15 22:50:20)