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04-889-0476Unknown call

"This number rang me then hung up so I called them back and they said they were from ird tax refund and have a tax refund I just have to update my bank details etc and when I put them on hold they hung up so I rang them back asking for their ird employee ID the didn’t answer"
Smiley(2022-05-04 08:01:27)

04-889-0476Unknown call

"Scam caller posing as IRD wanting to credit back a tax refund. Asks for bank account details, etc."
(2022-05-03 06:17:24)

04-830-7867Unknown call

"Numerous phone calls from this number. Never leaves a message."
(2022-05-03 03:01:52)


"No idea company but asking yes no questions about Greenpeace"
(2022-05-02 10:46:09)

09-971-1136Unknown call

"Is it spam number ? I trired to call back but no answer ?"
JoCGr8(2022-04-29 07:49:20)

09-967-8707Unknown call

"Random phone call from this number."
(2022-04-29 02:48:21)

09-950-8808Text message

"Attempted phishing. Saying they were my child and to change the number in my phone. Would have gone on to ask for money. I have had calls like this before"
jack(2022-04-29 01:45:35)

04-886-2015Unknown call

"Public Outreach Australia and Aotearoa, they’re going to ask you about donating to charities. They get you once, they’ll all have your phone number."
(2022-04-29 01:35:13)

04-889-0476Unknown call

"Probably a scammer. Claimed to be IRD, but when I refused to give my name put the phone down."
(2022-04-28 03:17:23)

09-886-2422Prank call

"Got a call from this number on my mobile, I didn't answer however the voice message sounded like 2 seconds of someone typing then almost like they realised it was on voice message and it went to complete silence"
M(2022-04-28 02:20:10)

09-886-2422Unknown call

"Voicemail was just wind sounds; quite odd and a bit concerning."
(2022-04-27 05:58:33)

09-302-7603Unknown call

(2022-04-26 21:26:48)

04-901-6941Unknown call

"scam number, recently there have been many calls in wellington trying to pretend to be from the company "Wellington free ambulance" asking for you to donate money. The real wellington free ambulance company does not call and ask for donations , I have asked one of the people that works there to help me confirm and see if they do ask by call and they have certainly confirmed they do not. This has been a big thing on the news so definitely a scam."
(2022-04-26 07:15:29)

09-941-2129Unknown call

"This number has called my personal cell 4x - I picked up the last call, and they hung up. I've now blocked them."
(2022-04-22 02:18:14)

07-571-3796Unknown call

"This caller rang for 20 seconds and did not leave a message"
(2022-04-20 01:22:14)

09-476-3824Unknown call

"094763824 and 3843 are the same."
1(2022-04-13 21:34:22)

04-296-1604Unknown call

(2022-04-13 01:31:19)

09-486-1884Unknown call

"Unknown caller. At least 2nd call"
(2022-04-11 22:49:52)

04-889-3320Unknown call

"tried to return call to this number after they phoned me but it does not connect"
(2022-04-11 21:18:53)

09-256-5739Event reminder

89688755383(2022-04-09 00:39:50)