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Example: 06 123 1234. is a free reverse phone number lookup database for New Zealand. Got a call or text from a phone number you did not know? Search for more information and please write a comment regarding who called you to help others determine if their call is from a telemarketer, a spammer or just an unwanted call.

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Recent comments:

09-889-2979Unknown call

"Unknow call"
(2022-08-25 01:21:44)


(2022-08-23 03:52:00)

09-638-7317Unknown call

"Received a phone call, gentlemen was looking for someone called Luke Shaw. when I said that he had the incorrect name he then proceeded to request what number I had dialled and who he was speaking to, I obliged and the then went on to say, yes he had the right name and telephone number and starting two tell me about investment opportunities., I hung up !"
(2022-08-23 01:34:21)

09-256-9742Unknown call

"Phone Spammer selling IPO"
(2022-08-22 22:35:19)

09-889-1544Prank call

"This has been set up as the return number for a fake invoice scam being sent by email (17 Aug 22). The email contains a claim that Amazon Prime are about to deduct NZD$199.99 from the person's account within 24 hours and direction to call the number if thee are any questions."
Duncan(2022-08-16 20:52:07)

03-964-0679Unknown call

"missed a call, no idea why they might be trying my number"
(2022-08-16 09:14:35)

09-222-0983Unknown call

"This number belongs to the Sky promotions team."
(2022-08-16 04:15:15)

09-889-0125Unknown call

"Diverts to international location.
Number given by scammer to call back on.
Hung up before connection"
(2022-07-25 07:06:56)

09-884-5028Unknown call

"Caller hung up when I answered. Tried calling back right away but the number isn’t active."
HalalPork(2022-07-20 04:57:48)

03-523-9978Unknown call

"claimed to from Spark Internet wanting to do stuff to my internet, older woman maybe Indian, hung up."
(2022-07-19 06:00:41)

09-886-4502Unknown call

"Rings for 10sec then hangs up with no message left"
(2022-07-19 00:16:27)

09-523-5685Unknown call

"Blood donation follow up, they want more blood"
Siralpha(2022-07-18 22:07:03)

04-496-3217Unknown call

"They call at all hours of the day and night. Leave no message. Extremely annoying. Have blocked."
(2022-07-18 00:23:52)

09-930-5993Unknown call

"Received a call"
(2022-07-14 03:29:49)

09-930-5993Unknown call

"recieved call"
(2022-07-14 03:21:05)


"Google regarding my Google Ads account."
(2022-07-13 02:12:34)


"Call centre, saying they represent the SPCA"
(2022-07-11 23:34:53)

04-496-3217Unknown call

"Just need to know who they are thanks."
(2022-07-11 22:23:04)


"Recieved a call someone from this number asking about the security alarm of the premises. Sounds dodgy. Be aware, do not get scammed."
Maria(2022-07-11 04:01:18)


"Fake casino robo scam call."
ethry(2022-07-10 22:30:37)